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We Do It Together, our mission is to leverage the power of cinema and media to ignite profound emotional and intellectual responses. We are driven by the belief that true progress can be achieved through the united efforts of men and women working together. Our core focus is to empower women and transform the narrative surrounding their representation, shifting them from being objectified to becoming subjects of their own stories.


By uniting in solidarity, we possess the transformative potential to challenge and reshape entrenched perceptions and stereotypes surrounding women. Our first step involves providing women from diverse backgrounds with tangible platforms to express themselves, showcase their talents, and share their captivating stories. We firmly believe that when given equal opportunities, women deliver narratives that are just as compelling, relatable, and commercially successful as those created by their male counterparts.


At We Do It Together, our motto is "More movies by women, about women, for everyone!" We champion the idea of inclusive storytelling that transcends gender boundaries, inviting audiences from all walks of life to engage with diverse perspectives and experiences. Together, we strive to create a cinematic landscape that reflects the richness and complexity of the human experience.



Founded by filmmaker Chiara Tilesi in 2015, We Do It Together is a non-profit 501(c)(3) film production company with a unique dedication to empowering women. Through the creation of films, documentaries, TV shows, and new media, we envision a movement that will disrupt the archaic and discriminatory paradigms prevalent in mainstream media. By challenging the status quo starting with the images we present, we aim to eradicate the marginalization of women. We firmly believe that this movement can reshape societal perspectives and foster equality between genders.


We Do It Together is committed to developing and producing films led by women, allowing them to ascend to the apex of the production hierarchy. Our objective is to achieve parity for both sexes in the media industry, catalyzing radical change on a global scale. When women compete on an equal footing with men, success or failure is determined solely by merit, free from preconceived notions or biases. Our fight is for nothing more and nothing less than a level playing field, where individuals are judged purely on their abilities.

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As filmmakers, we are giving our contribution by creating content that can change the narrative, therefore, the culture. 

However, this is not an easy task. Because in the media industry too, there is a big problem of disparity and on top of that there is also the problem of lack of representation. 


For example, according to the USC Annenberg study, in the year 2020 women directors were 15% of the top 100 movies. 

Then, there was a step back, as usual. In 2021 that number went down to 12.7%, and in 2022, further down, to 9%. It is clear that we have to tackle the problem from all sides. 

We must act NOW if we don’t want to wait 300 years to achieve gender equality as estimated by the United Nations in February 2023.

The Science & Facts

Research done by organizations like United Nations Women, Women in Film, and University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism more than back up our theory that the time has come to act. Research spanning more than 100 countries found that 46% of news stories, in print and on radio/television, uphold gender stereotypes. By studying numbers alone, it is apparent that the steps towards gender equality have slowly been unraveling. The United Nations released a statement that Covid-19 is making matters worse: “As a result of the pandemic, 47 million women and girls will fall below the poverty line; women get paid 16% less than men; nearly one in five women (18%) have faced violence from an intimate partner in the past year; violence against women and girls impacts 1 in 3 in their lifetimes.” This reality for women needs to change; We Do It Together wants to establish gender parity in media and close the gaps that Hollywood is perpetuating.