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Limited Series | Seasons 1 & 2

One of Us


Beginning March 4th, 2021, we showcased 4 stories of successful Italian women who chose to build their careers in the US. By presenting this docuseries directed by Chiara Tilesi, we aim to inspire women — everywhere — to celebrate each other. Our focus begins with great Italian women.

While the series kicked off in 2021, in 2022 we expanded to New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, completing season 2 with 9 more extraordinary women. ‘One Of Us’ is a Frequency Production that supports the mission of We Do It Together, which is creating gender parity through the tool of movies and media.


Season 1: Is in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy, Violetta Group, and the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles. Starring Stefania Spampinato (Actress), Elisa Sednaoui (Social Entrepreneur), Assia Grazioli-Venier (Venture Capitalist), and Cinzia Zuffada (Scientist). This episode highlights the life journey of each fascinating woman—each persevering through cultural barriers to create a life in Los Angeles. Producers include Alice Braccini, Silvia Chiave, and Chiara Tilesi.

Season 2: Is in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Washington DC, the Italian Cultural Institute of Washington DC, the Consulate General of Italy, and the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles.

EPISODE 1 (East Coast): Cecilia Alemani (Art Curator), Natalia Bergamaschi (Innovator), Cristina Cassetti (Scientist), Isabella Rossellini (Actress), and Mariangela Zappia (Ambasador).  


EPISODE 2 (West Coast): Staring Raffaella Camera (Innovator), Giada De Laurentiis (Chef), Gabriella Pession (Actress), and Federica Raia (Scientist).

Producers include Silvia Chiave, Debora Guetta, and Chiara Tilesi.

Watch It Now!

SEASON 1: Trailer

SEASON 1: Full Documentary

SEASON 2: West Coast Trailer

SEASON 2: West Coast - Full Documentary

SEASON 2: East Coast Trailer

SEASON 2: East Coast - Full Documentary


One Of Us, Season 1 - Behind The Scenes Video

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