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"Applause" at the United Nations SDG Action Zone & First Ladies Luncheon!

Dearest Board Members & Supporters,

We are super thankful to the Italian Mission to the United Nations, and the SDG Action Zone platform of the United Nations, for supporting We Do It Together and choosing our song "Applause" to close Gender Parity Day during the UN General Assembly Week. It streamed word wide along with beautiful messages from Sofia Carson and Diane Warren, encouraging a call to action and spreading the message of We Do It Together.

You can watch Sofia & Diane HERE.

Applause Performance at the United Nations by Sofia Carson and Diane Warren - September 22, 2022

That same week, I had the opportunity to attend the First Ladies Luncheon 2022, where Sofia Carson and Diane Warren received the Women’s Champion Award. I was honored to represent We Do It together and share our mission statement.

Chiara Tilesi at the First Ladies Luncheon 2022

Sofia Carson and Diane Warren receive the Women’s Champion Award at the First Ladies Luncheon 2022.

Thank you Fashion 4 Development and its Founder, the incredible Evie Evangelou for producing this important event, inviting us, and awarding Sofia and Diane.

THE FUTURE We will continue to push forward our message that we must change the way women are represented in media from object to subject, and hire more women behind and in front of the camera. As filmmakers, both men and women, we all are responsible for the DNA of our culture. The strength of our society lies in its diversity and we believe that the time has arrived for all of us to make a choice and go beyond the paradigm of the past and embrace the future. Please reach out to us if you would like to be more involved in our cause. We would like to thank each of you for your great support as we continue to spread our message that gender parity is the rule, not the exception! And follow us on Instagram @WDITogether, and Facebook @WeDoItTogetherFilms, and please repost - WE NEED YOUR HELP to create this movement of gender equality in movies and media. Warm wishes, Chiara Tilesi,



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