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Applause Won "Best Original Song" at HMMA + the Applause Music Video has been released!

Dearest Board Members & Supporters,

Last night, Applause won Best Original Song in the Independent Films Category at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA)!! We are so proud of you Diane Warren and Sofia Carson!

We are also excited to announce that the Applause music video has been released! We Do It Together is proud to have produced this video as it's a hymn for women. We want to congratulate Diane Warren (music and lyrics) and Sofia Carson (vocals) for making this happen. Javiera Eyzaguirre (Director), thank you for your beautiful vision for this music video.

I would also like to thank my producing partners Lucas Akoskin and Jorge Jofre in particular who went the extra mile, and also thank Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, as well as the Realsongs Team: Damon Elliott, Mario Luccy, Andrew Kravitz, and Bahareh Batmang, plus the entire crew for all of your hard work. Special thanks to Debora Guetta, Ray Costa, Mary Grace Oglesby, Jeff Sanderson, Laura Char, and Meghan Prophet.

Applause was Produced By: We Do It Together and Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment in association with: Estudio FE. Sofia Carson appears courtesy of Hollywood Records.

Sofia Carson - Applause (Official Music Video)

Our mission of We Do It Together is to use the power of cinema and media to stir and shake human hearts and minds. By banding together, we can alter deep-seated perceptions and stereotypes about women. As a first step, we give women from around the world a concrete way to express themselves, their talent, and their stories. When given the opportunity, women deliver stories that are every bit as compelling, accessible, and commercial, as their male counterparts.

With this song, we would like to applaud all women around the world!

We are doing an Oscar campaign for Applause. Please contact us or visit if you would like to support or donate to our cause.

Warm wishes,

Chiara Tilesi,



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