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Be The Subject, Not The Object

Dear Board Members and Supporters,

We are extremely excited to present to you our new campaign: BE THE SUBJECT, NOT THE OBJECT. As you well know, our organization aims at changing the narrative that has shaped the way we view gender. We are committed to creating media content that challenges audiences’ preconceptions, while enthralling and inspiring them. That is why today, we proudly announce our partnership with internationally renowned artist, Denise De La Rue, recently appointed by His Holiness Pope Francis as Ambassador of the Scholas Occurrences foundation.

Denise De La Rue will reinterpret fifteen iconic paintings of nude women, by replacing the nude models with photographs of real, strong women who are changing the world — Fully Dressed! We want women valued for their character, intelligence, and hard work. This is why we decided to have successful female entrepreneurs, who are changing the world, breaking the glass ceiling, to be the protagonists of “Be The Subject, Not the Object”. The campaign consists of four art projects: an exhibition of the works, an art book, a city intervention, and a series of documentaries where we tell the inspiring stories of the females portrayed in the campaign.

We are constantly hard at work on our mission to shift paradigms, but could not do any of that without each and every one of you. We thank you for being part of this community.

Please reach out to us if you would like to help with the campaign! Kind Regards, Chiara Tilesi Founder


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