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Breaking News!"One Of Us" Release on International Women's Day 2021!

Dearest Board Members and Supporters, Starting out strong in 2021, we are honored to continue the momentum of the many “firsts” achieved by women at the Golden Globes this year. We Do It Together is so excited to share with you our latest project, One of Us, created and directed by our founder, Chiara Tilesi, and produced in collaboration with The Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles, Frequency Production, Violetta Group, and We Do It Together. This International Women’s Day, we intend to inspire our viewers with a short documentary series, spotlighting four Italian immigrant women who have persevered to leave an impact in America, and around the world. The episodes will take viewers into the life journey of each fascinating woman, touching on their background and personal stories that shaped them into the people they are today. We chose to interview Stefania Spampinato, Grey’s Anatomy Actress; Elisa Sednaoui, Social Entrepreneur; Cinzia Zuffada, Chief Scientist at JPL NASA; and Assia Grazioli-Venier, Venture Capitalist. You can find the full documentary and individual segments on the @ConsLosAngeles Youtube channel. Direct link:

Additionally, both Vogue Italia and Marie Claire are covering the launch. We want to thank the Consulate General of Italy Los Angeles for supporting our project in inspiring other women who strive to succeed in America, despite language or cultural barriers. "With ‘One of Us’, we want to create the first database of Italian women who are doing extraordinary things in Los Angeles. We hope to pave a way of possibility for not only Italian women living in other foreign countries, but for any woman who finds herself immersed in a new culture. We want to celebrate these four women for their accomplishments, bravery, and ability to persevere."​ —​ Director, Chiara Tilesi Our cast and crew beautifully pulled off the execution of this project, following strict COVID-19 set protocol and maintaining a safe working environment on set. We want to thank them, especially for their hard work! Happy International Women's Day to our viewers — ​we hope to highlight women in their achievements not just today, but 365 days of the year! Thank you so much, --

We Do It Together Team


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