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Breaking News. We are shooting “Reflections”

Dear Board Members and Supporters,

We are extremely proud to announce that, as of February 27th 2018, we have started the production of the documentary “Reflections”, directed by Katia Lund (“City of God”), and produced by WDIT and Canal Azul. Above you can see some pictures of the shooting.

“Reflections” is a journey inside the American culture, and its subconscious images and myths that have historically and politically shaped our lives as women and men. “Reflections” looks into the origins, permutations, and reflections of those images and how they are changing. Katia Lund has a conversation with lawmakers, media experts, filmmakers, Wall Street representatives, and families. Our film aims to recognize and investigate the historically recurring myths/images, which have been created around the role of women and men, to perpetrate the control of our movements, when needed. At the same time, the film investigates those images which have broken the mold and liberated each of us on an individual level.

We are very excited to announce that WDIT has a large number of programs for 2018. We will shortly announce more productions and events. We will keep you updated. Please reach out to us if you are interested in helping us in any way. Wishing you all the best, Chiara Tilesi, Founder

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