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Diane Warren, Sofia Carson and Cara Delevingne: 3 powerful women at the Oscars

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

We want to congratulate Diane and Sofia for their extraordinary performance at the Oscars. Our mission has been accomplished. We spread the message of women’s empowerment through the song all over the world.

Applause is the song of our movie Tell It Like A Woman; written by the legendary Diane Warren and performed by Sofia Carson. Tell It Like A Woman is created by We Do It Together and produced by Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment in association with We Do It Together. We will like to give a round of applause to Diane and Sofia, once again.

From Left to Right: Diane Warren and Sofia Carson at the Oscars

Thank you Cara Delevingne for representing Tell It Like A Woman at the Oscars!

Cara Delevingne's speech at the Oscars 2023

From Left to Right: Diane Warren, Sofia Carson, Chiara Tilesi and Lucas Akoskin at the Oscars

From Left to Right: Monika Bacardi, Andrea Iervolino, and Chiara Tilesi at the Oscars

If you would like to support We Do It Together with a donation, please visit: OUR WEBSITE Our mission of We Do It Together is to use the power of cinema and media to stir and shake human hearts and minds. By banding together, we can alter deep-seated perceptions and stereotypes about women. As a first step, we give women from around the world a concrete way to express themselves, their talent, and their stories. When given the opportunity, women deliver stories that are every bit as compelling, accessible, and commercial, as their male counterparts.

Chiara Tilesi, Founder


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