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Happy Holidays!

Dearest Board Members & Supporters,

Happy Holidays! We are extremely grateful to end this year having achieved the Oscar's Shortlist with the song "Applause" from our feature film, 'Tell It Like A Woman'. Congratulations Diane Warren and Sofia Carson!

Music & Lyrics by Diane Warren | Performed by Sofia Carson.

We are also very excited that 'Tell It Like A Woman' will be distributed globally in North America (Samuel Goldwyn Films), Japan (WOWOW), Italy (Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment), Germany (Tiberius Film), France (Program Store), the UK (The Movie Partnership), Portugal (Nos Lusomundo), Australia and New Zealand (Signature), and worldwide airlines and ships (Gate 23 Entertainment).

Offers are in for Spain, Scandinavia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Korea, India, China and CIS.

We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season; joyous memories with family and friends!

If you would like to support We Do It Together with a donation, please visit: OUR WEBSITE

Our mission of We Do It Together is to use the power of cinema and media to stir and shake human hearts and minds. By banding together, we can alter deep-seated perceptions and stereotypes about women. As a first step, we give women from around the world a concrete way to express themselves, their talent, and their stories. When given the opportunity, women deliver stories that are every bit as compelling, accessible, and commercial, as their male counterparts.We're grateful to all of you. We're grateful because We Did It and we Keep Doing This Together.

Happy Holidays!

Chiara Tilesi,



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