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HMMA Awards nomination for "Applause" and Global Distribution for Tell It Like A Woman!

Dearest Board Members & Supporters,

We are excited to announce that Applause has received an HMMA Awards nomination in the "SONG - INDEPENDENT FILM" category! Applause, from the motion picture TELL IT LIKE A WOMAN, is written by Diane Warren and performed by Sofia Carson.


Additional news: Tell It Like A Woman has closed global distribution deals!

Deals have closed in Germany (Tiberius Film), France (Program Store), the UK (The Movie Partnership), Portugal (Nos Lusomundo), Australia and New Zealand (Signature), and Worldwide Airlines And Ships (Gate 23 Entertainment). Offers are in for Spain, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Korea, India, China, and CIS.

Samuel Goldwyn Films previously acquired US rights to the film which comprises seven segments encompassing drama, comedy, docudrama and animation. READ MORE.

We want to congratulate Diane Warren on her success with "Applause"! And would like to thank Ludovica Murazzani, Spokesperson and Head of Press Office and Public Diplomacy. UN Committee On Information, and thank the Italian delegation for their support.

We are doing an awareness campaign for the song "Applause" and ask that you please contact us if you would like to support us.

Warm wishes, Chiara Tilesi,



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