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We are so thankful!


It’s been an incredible start to 2020 as “We Do It Together” has just finished filming the second segment of our movie “Women Stories” in Rome, Italy.

We would like to thank our extraordinary team and crew, along with special acknowledgment and appreciation to Lucia Puenzo for the extraordinary work in directing this segment.


Dearest Board Members and Supporters, “We Do It Together” has successfully finished filming the second segment “Lagonegro”. This short, dedicated to motherhood, was directed by Lucia Puenzo, a multi-talented Argentine author, screenwriter and film director. Her “XXY” film won at the Argentine Film Critics Association Awards and the 2008 Goya award, while her work "The German Doctor” won the Best Director award at the 2nd Unasur Cine International Film Festival. We are very proud about this amazing piece that tells the story about a woman facing one the greatest decisions of her life. The storyline is about Ana, a famous architect who is scheduled to receive a huge recognition to celebrate her career when she receives a distressing call that her sister Sara has passed away. Back in her childhood town, Ana discovers that her sister had a daughter, Lena, and that she is now her legal guardian. After much consideration, Ana finally gives in to the idea and welcomes Lena into her life. After this great experience in Rome, we are now back to work and focusing on the next (third) segment, which will be directed by another exceptional director in Patricia Riggen. Patricia is an award-winning Mexican film director and producer. She is best known for directing “Under the Same Moon,” “The 33,” and “Miracles from Heaven.” She is one of a very few Latin American women directing in Hollywood. A year full of greatness has begun. We will continue to push forward our message that we must change the way women are represented in media from object to subject, and hire more women behind and in front of the camera. As filmmakers, both men and women, we all are responsible for the DNA of our culture. The strength of our society lies in its diversity and we believe that the time has arrived for all of us to make a choice and go beyond the paradigm of the past and embrace the future. Please reach out to us if you would like to be more involved in our cause. We would like to thank each of you for your great support as we continue to spread our message where gender parity is the rule, not the exception! Sincerely,

Chiara Tilesi Founder


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