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We Do It Together and Tell It Like A Woman at the United Nations General Assembly

In March 2016 during the I.W.W. we officially launched We Do It Together at the United Nation's ECOSOC room. And it is with great honor that we come back after six years with our movie Tell It Like A Woman and with the expansion of We Do It Together. In fact, We Do It Together will be opening branches in Italy, Africa, India, and Brazil in the year 2023.

I’m extremely humbled and proud that I had the opportunity to present We Do It Together, and our movie Tell It Like A Women, at the United Nations General Assembly on March 3rd. We Do It Together has partnered with The Permanent Mission of Italy at the UN and UN Women, together with the Governments of the USA, UK, Japan, Chile and Argentina, for this important event. I would like to thank the Ambassador to the Italian Mission at the UN, Maurizio Massari, and its spoke person Ludovica Murazzani for making this happen! I had the honor of screening our movie and moderating a panel with Catherine Hardwicke, Leonor Varela,Kim Carter, Leena Yadav, and Jasmine Luv.

A special thanks to Andrea Iervolino who believed in We Do It Together since the beginning.

Tell It Like A Women Panel with Catherine Hardwicke, Leonor Varela, Kim Carter, Leena Yadav, and Jasmine Luv; moderated by Chiara Tilesi.

The movie Tell It Like A Woman has been produced by Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment in association with We Do It Together. The producers of the film are Lucas Akoskin, Monika Bacardi, Andrea Iervolino, and Chiara Tilesi. ILBE producer Danielle Maloni. Executive producers: Carol Polakoff and Jennifer Ryan. Associate producers: Kayo Washio and Jon Wilcox.


If you would like to support We Do It Together with a donation, please visit: OUR WEBSITE Our mission of We Do It Together is to use the power of cinema and media to stir and shake human hearts and minds. By banding together, we can alter deep-seated perceptions and stereotypes about women. As a first step, we give women from around the world a concrete way to express themselves, their talent, and their stories. When given the opportunity, women deliver stories that are every bit as compelling, accessible, and commercial, as their male counterparts.

Chiara Tilesi, Founder


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